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... it's on my List!
The Great TREE Adventure
The American Southwest
Coming to America: The Great Waves

  ... it's on my LIST!  

Realizing that there were so many places to see and things to do, Walter lives life to the fullest and hopes to motivate others to do the same. ...IT"S ON MY LIST is an inspirational program with photos and stories about the pursuit of his life passions—visiting 50 states and seeing as many National Parks and Monuments as possible, and of course—learning to surf!

  The Great Tree Adventure  
The Great TREE Adventure

Awesome photography and entertaining stories about a once-in-a-lifetime photo assignment which led Walter across America in search of its greatest trees.
The travelogue starts in the
Southeast in search of bald cypress giants, then proceeds westward in his search of famous sequoias, redwoods, cedars and bristlecone pines.

  The American Southwest  

Photographer Walter Choroszewski lectures about the geology, native people and explorers of the American Southwest with a timeline of discovery and settlement. Walter pays tribute to the early photographers that captured the first images of the region; he also shares colorful photos from his travels featuring the beauty of the Southwest National Parks, Monuments and preserved lands.

  Coming to America: The Great Waves  

Walter Choroszewski presents the history of immigration to America from the first Colonial wave through the second mid-1800s wave of frontier expansion, culminating with the third Great Wave that passed through Ellis Island Immigration Station in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These migrants brought their culture and traditions and blended into the melting pot of America. Walter is the grandson of Eastern European immigrants and shares stories of his family’s journey.

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